When Hiring Commercial Collection Agencies-Sooner Is Better

Accounts receivable is a term that denotes the amount of money a company is owed by debtors. The ability to collect on your accounts receivable is a staple of business around the world. When you can rely on your accounts receivables to be paid, you will have a business that can plan for the future and be relatively certain that they will have the cash on hand that they project.

It is very important to hire a collection agency sooner rather than later. The more you delay in hiring a collection agency, the less likely your company is to be paid. After a significant amount of time has passed, the debtor may not be liable for the delinquent debt any more. For this reason, if you hesitate to collect on your debt by hiring a collection agency, you risk costing your company a lot of money.

By using AccountsReceivable.com for all your collection needs, you are entrusting your business with a collection agency that is dependable and stable. They have professional workers who are only concerned with collecting debt you are owed while also sustaining the vitality of your business.

AccountsReceivable.com is different from most collection agencies because we do not charge high percentage fees, but rather, charge a simple flat fee. Over the long term, this translates into significantly more money for your business. Instead of your accounts receivable money ending up in the collection agencies account, it winds up in yours.

AccountsReceivable.com guarantees great service. They do everything within their power to collect on your accounts receivable. This dependability will allow your company to project future earnings with increased accuracy. When a company fails to collect on its accounts receivable, it is only a matter of time before they go out of business. Using AccountsReceivable.com, you will never have this problem again.

Accounts receivable are one of the most important parts of any business. More and more people are putting things on debit rather than paying cash. If you do not receive a significant portion of your company’s sales, your company will spiral hopelessly into disarray. People that pay with accounts receivable sometimes do not meet their financial obligation. Without a collection agency to garnish wages or remind them that payment is due, for example, your company could lose out on well earned revenue. For this reason, it is imperative that you choose AccountsReceivable.com to collect your money.

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Collection Agencies – A Blessing For Small Businesses And A Crucial Partner For Your Success

Collection agency expertise is a potent debt recovery resource for businesses whose principal interest is their company’s fiscal well-being.

As a small business owner who is owed a debt for goods or services supplied by your company to a consumer in good-faith, you will find there is a temptation to individually pursue the debtor. While the funds are certainly owed for your goods or services, it may not be the best use of your resources. Frequently, attempting to collect debts on your own can lead to ongoing, as well as, open-ended expenditures in order to retrieve a delinquent balance.

Why Would You Utilize a Collection Agency or Debt Collector?

Most debt collectors manage the unsecured debt files that are submitted on a contingency-basis. That is, if the collection agency does not collect, then you as the business owner owe them absolutely nothing. This way, you may rest assured that a collection agency will work tirelessly to recover the debt you are owed.

Once you retain the services of a debt collector, you will be relieving yourself of the continuing costs associated with debt collections. Furthermore, avoiding ongoing expenses with the risk of no profit, you additionally prevent legal liability whenever you employ a debt collector. There are numerous regulations in each state that control debt recovery and are generally intricate as well as continuously changing. By making use of a collection agency that is familiar with these regulations, your business may be assured that further legal culpability will not be a problem. The bills and fines that can be incurred through improper collection procedures can often be substantial.

Much the same way you are experts in your company’s discipline, a collection agency focuses on understanding the best techniques required to successfully recover debt. Debt collectors are experts in finding debtors and bringing the funds they owe back to your business.

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Finding the Right Debt Collection Service for Your Needs

No one enjoys dealing with clients who are behind on their payments. However, it is the nature of any business that offers subscriptions, billings, or extends credit, that a time will come when one has to address collections on an account that is in arrears. It is a far wiser strategy not to attempt to collect debt on your own. Rather, it would be much better to hire a debt collection service that is capable of handling such tasks on your behalf.

Of course, in order to hire the service, you will first need to find a reputable agency and then make the appropriate hiring determination. The process is not a difficult one. All you need to do is follow a few basic steps which will lead you towards hiring the right service that best suits your business needs.

A simple internet search will quickly reveal several different debt collectors offering their services. Thus, finding just any debt collector is not the issue. You want to ensure that you are hiring the right collection agency and this starts by determining how long the agency or its collections representatives have been in business. Experience counts for a great deal in our industry. Those that have many years in the industry are highly skilled and successful ion what they do.

You should select the right size debt collection service for your needs. Do you wish to work with a large agency or a mid-sized one that can provide you with more personal attention? There is no right or wrong answer. Rather, you will want to select the appropriate agency for your requirements.

It is certainly a huge help to contact the debt collection agency and ascertain all the services that they offer. It would be fairly difficult to make an appropriate selection unless you knew exactly what specific debt collection services the agency offers.

Most will agree that a quality debt collection agency is one that charges fair fees for its service. Examine how the rates compare to other debt collection agencies in relation to the actual services that are being offered. This way, you will have a deeper understanding on what you will be paying for.

Truthfully, the process of finding the right debt collection agency is not difficult at all. You just need to perform the appropriate due diligence.

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Is a Collection Agency Or a Lawyer the Best Way to Collect Debts?

Conducting business in today’s climate can reap a lot of rewards. Unfortunately, however, it can also have risks as clients can sometimes pay their debts late or even not at all. When a business runs into a non-paying client, there are some options available to them. We will look into these different options and what the pros and cons of each hold for the business owner.

The first option is to handle the debt collection process on their own. The monetary output for such a task is minimal, usually consisting of repeated letters to the client and/or travelling to the clients’ place of business if they are local, but the time consumed this way is great.. The downside to this process is that the delinquent client stands to not pay their debt most of the time with this process. This process has the least amount of “weight” behind it to persuade the client to pay their debt.

The second option would be to enlist the services of an attorney to help collect the debt. This has the most “weight” behind it to coerce the client to pay their obligations with the threat of legal action. No one likes the threat of a lawsuit or going to court to defend themselves. The downside to this approach is that the legal fees charged to the business by the lawyer can be quite high. In many cases, the business ends up paying out of pocket to collect on a debt that the client is not able to pay. Suing a client for a debt that he or she has no way of paying on is a very costly proposition. This option is only feasible for a very high debt amounts and a business owner who can take the hit to the wallet in legal fees to pursue the debt. However, for most businesses, this option should not be considered in the debt recovery process.

The third and best option that businesses have at their disposal is to hire a collection agency. The agency can do everything that you can do (writing letters, phone calls, etc.), but do it more successfully and efficiently. Collection agencies are also a less expensive option for the business owner than using a lawyer. This eases the business owner from the mundane task of placing phone calls to the debtor and chasing the debt themselves. This stands as the best all-around option for collecting a debt as it entails the outside help that is needed, without the expensive fees a lawyer will charge for the work.

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Bad Check Recovery

As a business owner, one of the most frustrating pieces of mail you can ever open is a letter containing a check written by one of your customers that has been returned because of non-sufficient funds, a closed account, or a stop payment. It can be even more frustrating when you attempt to collect the now outstanding debt and find that it is not as easy as you may have initially thought. Odds are that your company is not the first that the customer has written a bad check to, so most debtors have come up with ways of avoiding collection efforts.

However, if you are faced with the problem of bad check recovery, then hiring a national collection agency to collect your business debts will prove to be extremely beneficial. Using a national collection agency to collect debts for you is an easy solution to a very difficult problem.

Many times businesses are hesitant to hire a national collection agency because they assume the cost of doing so will be too high. In reality, however, the opposite is generally true. That is, many collection agencies only make money when they successfully recover the debt you are owed.

In this case, there is no reason to fear losing money, when in fact you only stand to bring in more. Even though they take a percentage if the debt is collected, you will still be receiving more of the money that is owed to you than if you had decided to collect on it yourself and failed to collect any at all.

A national collection agency is familiar with debtors who use avoidance, and as trained professionals, they know how to get past these. They know how to break down the walls that debtors use to hide from bad check recovery tactics. Additionally, collection agencies are familiar with the laws that govern debt collection in your area, ensuring that not only do they know exactly what legal action is available for bad check recovery, they also help protect your business from any legal liability.

If you have been spending time trying to work on collecting debts, then you have lost time you could have spent on current business or obtaining new business. Old debt and bad checks will not generate new income for you: it will only prevent you from doing so.

Hiring a collection agency not only gives you back valuable time to spend on new, potential money that you can make. It also gives you the peace of mind, knowing that now there are experts dedicating all of their time to getting back what is yours. You have already provided your services as an expert or given customers what they need, so now it is time to let debt collectors provide their expert services to you.

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Bad Checks and How to Recover on Them

In 2000, the number of bad checks written annually was estimated at 750 million. A mid-90’s Nilson Report projected the annual number of bad checks to continue to rise by 2 to 4% every year through 2020.

These statistics indicate that both individuals and businesses must know how to go about recovering on bad checks, either by themselves or by working with a national collection agency.

While there are many options available, most find utilizing a national collection agency the most time and cost-effective way.

Option #1 – Contacting the Debtor to Demand Payment

Writing a letter or calling the debtor’s home, work and cell numbers all sound simple enough, but for those not familiar with Fair Debt Collection Practices, what seemed like a reasonable approach for recovering debt can quickly get the creditor into trouble.

Professional national collection agencies keep up to date with any changes to Fair Debt Collection practices and avoid any counter-suing possibilities by pursuing collection of the debt in a manner consistent with the law.

Option #2 – Follow up with the Bank

Contacting the bank every day and rushing down to cash the check once there are sufficient funds is an option – but this turns recovering on bad checks into a full time job as most people have neither the time nor the personnel to dedicate the hours needed for this option.

Once the bad check is turned over to a national collection agency, it is recognized as a debt, and is now in ‘collection’ status, avoiding the possibility of the check not being honored by the bank after a period of time. (Six months is the average.)

Option #3 – Law Enforcement or Small Claims Court

Although criminal and civil laws vary from state to state, generally those who have received a bad check can contact their local law enforcement or district attorney’s office. However, prosecution for writing a bad check often hinges on proving criminal intent.

Small claims court handles recovering on the bad check via the civil arena, voiding the need to prove criminal intent. The combination of court fees, summons service fees and the added cost and headache of collecting on the judgment, once it is awarded, often leaves those who chose the smalls claims court route to incur upwards of $150 extra in expenses without any recovery of the amount they were awarded by the courts.

A national collection agency takes care of the entire debt collection process, often with little or no upfront fees. They also have the ability to report to the Credit Bureaus and meet all the criteria needed to keep the ‘debt’ active until collected.

Option #4 – Work with a National Collection Agency Prior to Receiving a Bad Check

By working with a national collection agency before accepting the first check, both individuals and businesses can tailor their check acceptance policies to ensure a speedy, efficient process of recovering on bad checks when they do occur.

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Are Bounced Checks (NSF or Bad Checks) a Problem with your business?

The financial lifeblood of any business is getting paid fairly and on time. Making sure that payments come in on time can be a challenge, one made more frustrating by bounced checks. There are few things more frustrating for a business owner than to think they have been paid only to have the check returned. There are many options when dealing with bounced checks, however, one you may not have considered is hiring National Collection Agency to take care of them for you. National Collection Agency offers three advantages over trying to collect them yourself.

Expertise & Experience

The biggest challenge when trying to collect bounced checks is figuring out the tools available. Through years of experience, national collection agencies have developed the expertise to ensure prompt collection of bounced checks. Our collection experts have access to the full range of legal tools and techniques needed to ensure you get paid for your goods and services. You are an expert at your business, we are experts in getting your business paid.

The collections process is heavily regulated. With a plethora of federal and state regulations, it is vital to understand which tools and techniques are within the law. Our staff is trained on the latest rules and techniques. Using a collection agency can help you avoid costly legal expenses that can occur from using improper collection practices, while our experience and expertise can ensure collection, while avoiding common, legal pitfalls.


A main problem with bounced checks is not that they are never collected, but the time it takes to receive the funds. We understand that quickly recovering funds can be the difference between a business thriving or closing its doors. The combination of our expert staff, experience and resources allows us to collect bounced checks as quickly as possible. Recovering the money quickly is second only to getting paid on time. Trusting a collection agency can ensure that speedy recovery to keep your business in the black.

National Collection Agency has the staff and systems that are needed for the collection process. Our staff is trained in the most effective and ethical collection techniques available. Our systems have been specifically designed to ensure that our agents provide excellent and timely collection of all monies owed to you. By trusting a collection agency to collect on your behalf, we can dedicate the time, attention and resources necessary to ensure you get paid. We know that every business’s staff and time are valuable, so let your employees focus on making your business better while we ensure you are fairly paid.

Receiving bounced checks will never be a pleasant experience, but by using the right resources and tools National Collection Agency will ensure that you receive the payment that is due to you quickly and efficiently. The expertise, resources and experience makes partnering with a collection agency an excellent choice.

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Bad Checks and what to do when you get one

A business often times receives bad checks despite their best efforts to avoid them. When this happens, the first reaction is to immediately pick up the phone and contact the customer. While that may work in some instances, there is a much higher chance of success if that business instead, turns over all of their bad checks to a national collection agency and allow that collection agency to collect on their bad checks for them. Business owners have much more important things to do with their time than worry about collecting on a bad check and worry about spending their resources of time and money to chase down customers who wrote bad checks.

You may be wondering what to do when you get a bad check. It is sometimes unavoidable and rather than flounder in uncertainly you can follow these quick, simple steps to help you get back as much of that money as possible.

When you first receive a bad check you will generally get a notice from your bank informing you that the check has been denied. Once this happens, you have the option of trying to track down the customer who wrote the bad check or handing the check off to a national collection agency to locate the customer for you. When you consider what to do when you get a bad check you must remember that the skills you used to create your successful business were not built around collection and cold calling bad customers. These skills will be much better served to continue focusing on what your business does and leave debt recovery due to bad checks to those who are best suited to handle this specific issue.

When deciding what to do when you get a bad check, remember that a national collection agency collects on bad debts day in and day out. They are trained professionals and their staff is highly skilled at negotiation. Even if you were able to get in contact with the customer who wrote the bad check you might not be able to convince them to make it right. However, by using a collection agency you can rest assured that they will convince the customer to make the bad check right. By choosing to go with a professional collection agency you can worry less about your accounts receivables and worry more about expanding your business. You will never have to worry about what to do when you get a bad check, you know that you can simply hand it over to your collection agency and they will do the best that they can to locate the bad customer and get you back what you are owed.

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Time is your enemy when collecting on a bad check

Managing your accounts receivable is one of the most important aspects of running a financially successful business. When someone writes a bad check to your business and it bounces, your business then takes on the responsibility of trying to locate that person and collect on their bad debt. What is worse is that the bank will charge you a fee for every bounced check that you send them. This means that not only are you not earning any money, but you are actually losing money whenever someone writes a bad check to your business.

Running your business and creating and selling your products is what you are best at. You know how to manage your books and you can balance your budget. However, you are more than likely not equipped to get on the phone and try to track down delinquent customers who owe you money as a result of writing a bad check. You have much more important matters to worry about and trying to collect on a bad check should be the last of them. As a business owner, however, you understand that it is very important for that bad check to be collected. Even if you cannot get the entire amount, you will need to get as much as possible, because you have more important things to focus on. Given this, you should outsource your bad check collections to a national collection agency.

Time is your enemy when collecting on a bad check because the more time that passes between when the check was written and the time you are trying to collect, the harder it will be to collect on that check. It becomes more difficult because the customer may have sincerely forgotten that they wrote the bad check or have even moved and changed phone numbers. A national collection agency allows you to turn over all of your debts and let them worry about collecting on a bad check.

A national collection agency will always be much more effective at collecting on bad checks because they do it as a professional business. The agencies are extremely effective at getting in contact with borrowers who have written bad checks and their employees are skilled at negotiating with customers who have written bad checks. The fact is that even if a business owner were able to get in contact with this type of customer, they would not be as successful at trying to collect on that bad check. Collecting on a bad check is anything but easy and a national collection agency is experienced at doing just that.

Your business should not worry about collecting on a bad check, rather you should outsource all of your collection activities to a collection agency and let them do their job so you can focus on yours.

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Bounced Checks – Straight Talk On Dealing With Bad Checks (NSF)

Most business owners encounter the frustrating problem of receiving bounced checks from customers. A bounced check is considered a check that has (NSF) Non-Sufficient-Funds in the issuer’s account. This can create a burden for the business owner who has already supplied a service or product and now has to deal with non-payment. If this has happened to you, then the best after making unsuccessful attempts to collect payment from the customer is to contact a Debt Collection Agency. It will be much easier for the agency to collect the debt on your behalf if only a small amount of time has passed. The services of a Debt Collection agency will certainly make the process less stressful, simple and more successful.

Debt Collection agencies have a great success rate in debt recovery, especially in the case of bad checks. Once you find the collection agency that is right for your business, all you have to do is provide them with the necessary claim documentation and the rest is up to them.

Hiring a Debt Collection agency makes obtaining money that you are owed easy and convenient. There are many benefits for utilizing a Debt Collection Agency, including recovering your money faster as it will save you time and aggravation, not to mention the numerous resources at their disposable to track down the debtor that you would not have access to. The way Debt Collection agencies typically work is that they are paid when you get paid, which is an incentive for them to work hard to resolve your claim. You will feel more assured knowing that while you are busy running your business, the Debt Collection Agency is hard at work trying to obtain the funds owed to you.

Once your customers become aware that you are serious about getting reimbursed and have gotten a collection agency involved, they are more likely to ensure they repay the debt quickly in order to avoid dealing with the consequences a collection agency can leverage against them.

What business owner needs the headache and time wasted of attempting to obtain owed debts? Utilizing a Debt Collection agency is the best thing an owner can do in order to focus on the more important elements that go into running a business. Leave debt recovery to the experts.

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